2024 Gate Fees Supporting Local Charity Partners

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Winston Churchill once said ... “A Polo handicap is your passport to the world,” and he was right.

2024 Sponsors of Cincinnati Polo Club

Since 1913, Cincinnati Polo Club has been providing the Queen City with unique family centered social and sporting events that help raise money and awareness to local charities. The Cincinnati Polo Club is a 501c3 tax exempt Nonprofit organization. Each game raises money for charity and we look to continue this good work and keep the exciting sport of polo in Cincinnati. We invite you to come and watch the Sport of Kings and enjoy what Polo has to offer the entire family.

Interested in being a sponsor for our 2024 or 2025 Season? Contact us today for more details!

After 7 wonderful years, it is time to find a new public polo field for the Cincinnati Polo Club.

The Cincinnati Polo Club needs to find a public field for the 2024 season and beyond, and is looking for:
 15 flat acres, that drains well!
 Easy access for trailers (multi-horse) and cars alike
 A large indoor arena without glass or mirrors inside
 Is on the east side of Cincinnati, between Morrow and Batavia
That is the ideal!

A polo field is 300 yards long by 180 yards wide, the equivalent of 9 football fields. There needs to be parking for a minimum of 9 horse trailers, more when a visiting team comes in. The Cincinnati Polo Club has built up a great cadre of local non-profits and a loyal fan base, so adequate sideline parking is also needed, as is on-site storage of our AV equipment, goal posts, mower, SWAG, signage, pop-up tents, etc. A polo arena is 300 feet by 180 feet and can be indoor or outdoor, but needs high, solid walls and potentially netting. The arena would be used when the field is too wet to play on, as well as for lessons.
If you would be interested in becoming the new home of the Cincinnati Polo Club, please contact Club President Robert Reid at 513/227-3644 or robertreid111@hotmail.com.​