2019 Charity Event Guidelines

Promotion:  The Cincinnati Polo Club will promote your event on our website, Facebook page, and at previous home games during announcements.   You will be responsible for promoting this event to your constituency and the general public.

Logos:  We will provide you with the Cincinnati Polo Club logo which you may use in your promotion efforts.  We can also provide a few photos of polo in action if you’d like.  If you’d like us to display your logo on our website, etc., please send a jpg version to your CPC Contact.

Location:  The Cincinnati Polo Club (CPC) plays at Chatsworth Farm Polo Field.  The address is 10355 Dallasburg Road, Loveland.

Start time:  The polo match starts at 2:00pm.  You may arrive anytime after 12:00pm to set up.  Please set up 50 feet to the left of the announcing stand (as you are looking out on the polo field).

Admission:  There is a $20/car or $10/individual admission fee charged at the Polo match.  Please provide 2 volunteers to collect this admission fee, which will then be split 50-50 between your organization and the CPC (for field rental costs).  They only need to collect the admission fee through half-time.

Tents:  You may bring your own tent to set up, or if you are renting one from an agency and need to make arrangements for set up the day before, please contact Your CPC Contact.

Food and drinks:  Food and non-alcoholic drinks may be sold or offered for a free-will donation at your tent.  Please make sure you have all applicable licenses.

Spectators:  Spectators are only permitted on the roadside of the field.  Morning Glory Stables and the far sideline are off-limits to seating for spectators.  However, you may walk over and sell raffle tickets or other fundraising items, as they like to support the local charities.

Raffle Baskets:  If you choose to do raffle baskets, the Cincinnati Polo Club will donate One Polo Lesson for 2 People.  Please contact Kit Collins (USPA Certified Instructor) at 513/225-4262 to secure the certificate.

Entertainment:  There are 5-minute breaks between each chucker and a 15-minute half-time, and these time slots are open for you to provide entertainment if you wish.

Trophies:  You may provide trophies for the winning team if you’d like to turn your fundraising event into a tournament.

Electricity:  There is no electricity available at the Polo field.  The Cincinnati Polo Club has one generator for the announcer to use and you may use our PA system to make any announcements throughout the game. If you need additional electricity for any reason, please bring your own generators and extension cords.

Port-a-potty:  The Cincinnati Polo Club provides one Port-a-potty on the far side of the field. If you anticipate a large crowd, you may make arrangements to bring in an additional Port-a-potty for the spectator side. Please coordinate this with Your CPC Contact.  We can provide the name and contact information for the service which we use.

**You can also throw in the ball to start the game!**