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 The Galloping Pig - September 2014

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It is only when these three aspects of the game come together do you access the magic of the sport.  The rush that comes from riding a magnificent horse at a gallop while hitting a ball standing up in your stirrups is unmatched. Knowing and following the rules of the game keep everyone safe.  Learn the sport of kings and as Winston Churchill said ... Let your Polo Membership Card be your passport to the world.
Cincinnati Polo Club has a rich history in this beautiful city. The first club was established on the 18th of April 1913 with help from brothers Max and Julius Fleischmann and friends. The Polo season typically starts in June and ends in October. Cincinnati Polo Club is committed to carrying on the rich 4000 year tradition of the Sport of Kings. We would love to have you join us as a player, a sponsor, a spectator or a social member.

To play good polo one needs to bring out the best in ones Horses, be skilled in Horsemanship and adhere to the rules of the game of Polo.

Horses, Rules and Horsemanship

In Cincinnati Since 1913